Squiggle API

The Squiggle API offers public access to raw data on AFL games and tips. You can automatically import this into a spreadsheet (see below) or fetch the data however you like.

Selecting Data

You must supply one of the following values as the parameter "q": sources, teams, games, tips


You may optionally choose one format: JSON (default) or XML.


You may optionally provide any number of the following parameters: year, round, game, source, complete


To exclude a particular value for a parameter, prefix it with "!".


Using Data

Google Sheets

To automatically import data into Google Sheets, enter a formula like this into a cell:

	=IMPORTXML("https://api.squiggle.com.au/?q=tips;year=2018;source=1;format=xml", "/*/*")

... wait a second and bam! Data appears.

Microsoft Excel

I believe you can do the same thing in Excel, although I don't own a copy so I haven't been able to test. From what I've read, in newer versions you do: Data → Get & Transform → From File → From JSON → and then can enter an URL (like "https://api.squiggle.com.au/?q=tips;year=2018;source=1").

Excel can read JSON and XML, so it shouldn't matter which you choose, so long as the URL matches the function. (That is, if you click "From JSON", don't give it an URL with ";format=xml".)

Max Barry